Craft the Perfect Sculpture

Craft the Perfect Sculpture

Hire us for iron and steel artwork creations

Are you looking for creative art pieces to decorate your home or office? Don’t settle for sculptures from big-box stores that roll off assembly lines. Create something unique that reflects your style. Hire Le Grand Welding & Iron to create custom artwork that will add style to your residential or commercial property.

We can build sculptures of any type, shape or size. We can create cut-outs with flower and leaf designs. You tell us what you want, and we’ll create it – It’s as simple as that. Contact us today at 903-792-1982 to add artwork that reflects the feel of your home or office.

Why choose us?

Le Grand Welding & Iron is a trusted local choice for steel and ironwork. We offer:

  • Almost 40 years of experience
  • The best of old and new welding techniques
  • Free estimates
  • Installation of all our work

Call us today to get started on your iron and steel projects.